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Thiamazole (methimazole) 5 mg.

Box x 100 tablets of 5 mg each.

Medical treatment of hyperthyroidism.

How to use
It is given in 3 equal doses at intervals of approximately 8 hours.


  • Daily starting dose
  • Mild hyperthyroidism (15mg)
  • Moderately severe hyperthyroidism (30 to 40 mg)
  • Severe hyperthyroidism (60mg)
  • Maintenance treatment is 5 to 15 mg daily.


  • Initial daily dose is 0.4 – 1 mg per kg of weight.
  • Maintenance dose is approximately half of the starting dose.
  • Treatment prior to thyroidectomy (before thyroid removal): 10-15 mg daily.

Thiamazole is contraindicated when there is hypersensitivity to the drug and in mothers during lactation, since the drug is excreted in milk.

Adverse Reactions
Urticaria, nausea, vomiting, arthralgia, headache, vertigo. More severe but very rare reactions: Agranulocytosis, hepatitis, lupus-like syndrome. Nephritis. Hypoprothrombinemia. Product of delicate use, see internal leaflet of the drug.


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