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+ Have you had adverse reactions to any medication due to problems with the dose?

This circumstance can occur if the dose of a drug is excessive (overdose reaction).

If the person is unusually sensitive to the drug or if another drug slows down the metabolism of the first drug, thereby increasing its concentration in the blood. Dose-related reactions are not usually serious, but are relatively common. We invite you to consult your treating doctor, he is the person authorized to provide you with a better guide.

+ Why should I shake medications?

When medicines in suspension form remain at rest for a long time, the solid particles that make it up tend to descend and agglomerate at the bottom, while the liquid part remains on top, so it is necessary to shake the container so that all the particles mix with the liquid and thus homogenize or distribute the components of the medicine.

Let us remember that a suspension is a heterogeneous mixture, made up of a powdery solid that is not completely dissolved in a liquid.

+ Why is self-medication a health risk?

Self-medication is a serious health risk, because the use of medicines without a prescription can interfere with the timely diagnosis and treatment of diseases, increasing the risk of adverse reactions, intoxications and drug interactions.

Inadequate doses or incorrect administration times can also be ingested, mask or alter another disease, making it difficult to diagnose or facilitating a misdiagnosis, as well as generating dangerous interactions with other medications you are taking.

+ What happens to medicines that are out of their packaging?

According to the Information and Documentation Center for Medicines (CENADIM), storing capsules without their original wrapper, inside pillboxes, can cause them to lose their therapeutic benefits due to changes in temperature, humidity and contamination to which they could be subjected.

If these drug containers are not used correctly, whether they are made of plastic, tile or metal, medicines stored improperly can lose effectiveness and after being administered, generate a toxic reaction as a result of humidity, inadequate temperature and contamination.

Ideally, the capsules or any medication should remain in their original packaging.

+ Can a medicine lose its effectiveness even if the expiration date has not arrived?

Medications contain chemical substances that are stable and unstable depending on their composition and the environment in which they are found. Factors such as humidity, temperature and sunlight can act on these substances and modify their chemical structures.

Laboratories certify that a drug will work within a certain period of time with an important caveat: that it be kept in proper conditions.

If the medicine is in environments with more humidity or heat than expected, for example: the bathroom or kitchen, if the blister has been tampered with, the box has been opened or if it has been exposed to light, it cannot be assured that the expiration date guarantees the effectiveness, since the conditions have been altered.

Remember: it is important to carefully read the conditions under which the medicines must be stored on the packaging or bottle, this will help you keep them safely without putting your health at risk.

+ Medications and food together or separately?

A question that many of us have asked ourselves is how should I take the medications in relation to meals (before, after, avoiding a specific food, among others).

It is true that there are some foods that can alter the action of certain drugs, making their effect not the desired one. When this occurs, we say that there is a “food-drug interaction”.

How should I take the medicine in relation to food? It is very important to take into account that interactions can occur with food intake, fasting or separately, the ideal is that you consult a specialist to provide you with the necessary advice and avoid adverse effects between an ingested treatment and food.

+ If the tablets are large, can I crush them?

Not all drugs are the same, those that are prolonged release, for example, cannot be crushed or chopped, because crushing the tablet can modify its absorption. We invite you to consult your treating doctor, he is the person authorized to provide you with a better guide.

Grupo Farma

+ How do I report a possible adverse event?

For GrupoFarma del Ecuador, it is important to know if an adverse effect occurs with any of our medications, for which we have a section in Patients called Pharmacovigilance where we have placed several alternatives and information to make your report and assist you as soon as possible.

+ What is the difference between a pharmaceutical laboratory and a clinical laboratory?

In the clinical laboratory, various biological samples are obtained and studied, such as blood, urine, feces, pharyngeal and vaginal exudates, among other types of samples.

The pharmaceutical laboratory is in charge of the manufacture and distribution of various medicines, where in some cases they also develop or carry out research regarding different medicine and health products.

+ Where can I get GrupoFarma products from Ecuador?

Our products are distributed in the main chain pharmacies and independent pharmacies in the country.

+ What is GrupoFarma of Ecuador?

We are a solid pharmaceutical laboratory with more than 20 years in Ecuador, with the mission of providing effective and quality medicines, which have been rigorously studied to provide safety to its users.

+ What is a pharmaceutical laboratory?

Pharmaceutical laboratories are companies authorized by the competent administration of the country to industrially manufacture and distribute medicines. Also participate in some of the phases of development and sale of these.

+ What requirements must I meet to be a supplier of GrupoFarma del Ecuador?

We invite you to share your request and contact information through the email where it will be analyzed with the corresponding department.

+ I would like to work or do my internship at GrupoFarma del Ecuador. Where can I send my resume?

We will be happy to meet you, so we invite you to click on the About us section where you will find Join our Team, here you can upload your information and your sheet of life.

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