We are

Grupo Farma del Ecuador

We are a solid company with more than 25 years in the country, we have the backing of an organization oriented towards obtaining profitable achievements that guarantee the stability and growth of the company, and an adequate financial return for shareholders and fair compensation, keeping our workers motivated and competitive.

GrupoFarma Ecuador La Empresa-grupofarmadelecuador

Our Mission

Develop, manufacture, market and represent quality products and services for the health and well-being of our consumers, supporting the medical and pharmaceutical trade union.

Our Vision

Achieving international recognition as a company that manufactures and markets top-quality healthcare products.




Integrity is the guiding principle for our organization, in our dealings with doctors, negotiations with our customers and suppliers and, above all, in how we treat our workers.


We believe in fairness, trust and open communication. We are always guided by the principle that doctors and their patients should reap the greatest benefits of our work as a pharmaceutical group.


We believe that, by abiding by these principles, we will end up with doctors and patients who are satisfied, workers who are committed to their jobs and an entire organization headed in the same direction.


Provide support to health professionals, patients and users who report any adverse event, inappropriate use, therapeutic failure, to provide the necessary guidance and at the same time, improve safety and efficacy profiles.

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