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The history of the Farma Group begins on March 13, 1941 when the company FARMA-Schneeberger & Kuster was incorporated into Venezuelan law; later it would be replaced by FARMA-Alfredo Kuster & Co. (1949-1958). And on October 1, 1958, it began to take on the name that it has maintained until today, FARMA S.A.



In the year of 1952 for his hard work FARMA S.A. inaugurates its headquarters in Caracas, one of the first steps that would give rise to the growth of the company, and in 1955 it signs license agreements with J.R Geigy and Hoffman-La Roche.



The expansion of Grupo Farma began in 1960 with the inauguration of Farma Colombia, becoming the first transnational company of Andean origin.


Our plant and technological
development at Farma S.A.

In 1973, a new plant was built with the most modern equipment of the time, in which most of the pharmaceutical presentations available at the time were manufactured, such as oral liquids, tablets and capsules, ointments and creams, parenteral solutions in ampoules and vials, sterile powder in vials for injections and deep freeze dried injections.

In repeated inspections, the Pharma plant was classified with the highest percentage of quality standards within the country’s pharmaceutical industry. In addition, a special evaluation of our laboratories brought the company the so-called COVENIN Diploma, designating it as a reference laboratory. Farma thus becomes the first pharmaceutical industry in Venezuela to receive this distinction.



In 1981, Farma created the Department of Galenic Development in Caracas and in the same year reached a commercial agreement with The Sydney Ross Co. in Caracas- and with Alcon Pharmaceutical for the manufacture and distribution of its products.

In addition to obtaining the international patents for Teobid® (LP theophylline), Valpron® (valproic acid) and the licenses for the pharmaceutical lines of Sanofi (France), AM Cyanamid-Lederle (USA), Marion Laboratories (USA) , and Laboratories Hausmann St. Gallen (Switzerland)


The 50th anniversary
(another step)

In March 1991, on the company’s 50th anniversary, Grupo FARMA strengthened its business with the acquisition of Norwich de Venezuela CA, a subsidiary of Norwich Eaton Pharmaceuticals, founded in the US, a world leader in the marketing of nitrofurans ( antibacterial agents). By 1983, Norwich had become a part of Procter & Gamble, an international pioneer in consumer products and assimilated a new culture in marketing, human resources and organizational style.


Grupo Farma
arrives to Ecuador

In 1995, with the aim of expanding its operations in countries of the Andean community, GrupoFarma del Ecuador was legally constituted, and in 1997 it began its operations with the commercialization of just 3 brands, among which was Calcibon, brand that continues to be an important part of our product portfolio.

GrupoFarma de Ecuador began with the strategic alliance with the company Ecuaquimica, in which our first office was located, which at the time had 11 employees in charge of the administrative area and 12 people within the visit to doctors, who were distributed both in the city Quito as in Guayaquil.

The agreement made with the company Ecuaquimica included the distribution of our products, this being the main client, but in 1999 the negotiation was closed with the logistics operator Logistecsa, which was in charge of warehousing and distribution of the entire portfolio of products. , thus allowing to expand operations and reach a greater number of customers.



The first years of the company in the Ecuadorian market were fundamental to mark the path of GrupoFarma del Ecuador and this allowed to significantly expand the portfolio of products such as Bedoyecta, a product that obtained representation for its regional commercialization by the Grossman company in the year 2001, making this one of the company’s most important products.

The growth of the company went hand in hand with the improvement of administrative and computer systems, allowing better control of our products.



The constant search to satisfy the needs of the Ecuadorian market allowed several products belonging to the company James Brown Pharma to be acquired in 2012, giving a new impetus to our company.

For the year 2019, GrupoFarma del Ecuador takes an important step with the acquisition of the Hepalive brand, whose significant sales volume places the company at a more relevant level in the ranking of Ecuadorian laboratories.


We keep

At a time of great global uncertainty, the Farma corporation continues betting on the Andean market by acquiring the marketing license for the line of irons belonging to the Swiss company VIFOR PHARMA, leader in the world market for Irons. This fact leads GrupoFarma del Ecuador to be placed in the list of the first laboratories in the country.


GrupoFarma del Ecuador works hard to fulfill its commitment to the Ecuadorian market and bring quality products that provide well-being and safety to its customers.

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